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Arizona Republic, ASU scientist crusades for action to help environment

KJZZ, NPR, Major Biodiversity Report Sounds Dire Warning Of Species Declines And Extinctions

Aguilera, J. Changes to the Endangered Species Act Risks Pushing More Species to Extinction Time.

Member of Beyond the Academy: an impact-oriented research network 

Piotrowski, J. Eco-nomics.  The Economist. 



The Conversation, New data tool can help scientists use limited funds to protect the greatest number of endangered species

Gilman, S. Who lives and who dies? Endangered species funding and “triage”. Living Bird.



The Christian Science Monitor, Is the Endangered Species Act facing extinction? 

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Security and Sustainability Forum Webinar, Why Companies Should Care about Biodiversity 

Bernstein, S. How a math formula could decide the fate of US endangered species. Reuters. 

Ferry, D. It’s Time to Let Certain Animals Go Extinct. Outside Magazine. 

Guest blog, Early career ecologists, why engage with the corporate sector 

Thought leader Series, Myanmar at a turning point for natural capital and human wellbeing 



Layman’s summary Maximizing conservation investment for recovering endangered species

Cosier, S. U.S. needs Robin Hood approach to saving endangered species. Science. 

Reynolds, E. Funding for endangered animals is “unevenly distributed”. Wired Science 

Davila, A. The ESA May Be Neglecting The Animals that Need it Most. Think Progress.

Kobilinsky, D. Wildlife funding could better prioritize recovery. The Wildlife Society Bulletin. 

Bernier, A. It’s time to prioritize, restructure Endangered Species funding. NPR/KJZZ.  

KJZZ, National Public Radio, It’s Time to Prioritize, Restructure Endangered Species Funding 



Arizona PBS: A pragmatic approach to preventing extinction 

Lee, J. Japan Halts Whaling in Response to International Court Ruling. National Geographic.



Erik Stockstad. Psst. Wanna buy a whale. Science. 

Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability: On biodiversity and sustainability



Editors. How economics can save the whales. Bloomberg. 

STEM Journals: Seafood health and sustainability 

Nature soapboxscience, Unclogging institutional conduits between research and outreach 



Op Ed in Pacific Standard: Can monk seals find a birth on Noah’s Ark?

Leopold Fellows’ letter to California’s Governor Jerry Brown

Seafood sustainability research featured in Martha Stewart Magazine

Interview with Double X Science: Leah Gerber, conservation biologist and lover of sushi

Evening speaker to Spirit of the Senses, a local art, science and cultural salon group

Partnered with Slow Food & National Geographic to create consumer tools for seafood choice

Organized Leopold Fellows Series in The Atlantic 

Beyond the Frontier: A new way to see seafood: Linking sustainability and public health

Generation Anthropocene: Marine ecosystem conservation and entrenched ideologies

RadioLIVE New Zealand: Whales for sale 

Eilperin, J. Researchers propose putting a price on whales. The Washington Post. 

Editors. Good whale hunting. The Economist. 

Erik Stokstad. Putting a price on whales. Science.  

Editors. Whales for Share. Nature.



Jones, N. Seals slide towards extinction in Hawaiian reserve. Nature    

Mosher, J. Sea lions surprise scientists by adoption orphaned pups. Wired Science. 

Bren School, UCSB: Of whales, fish and sanctuaries 



The Science Show: Whales not to blame for fish depletion 

Science Studio: Of Whales, Fish and Men: Managing Marine Reserves

Williams, R. Whales not to blame for fish depletion. ABC News.

Walsh, B. Will killing whales save the world’s Fisheries? Time Magazine 



Dye, Lee. The dilemma of Delisting Species. ABC News. 

Norris, Scott. How much data is enough? Conservation Magazine