Undergraduate students

Arielle Amrein

Undergraduate student Arielle AmreinI am interested in the customs involved in the preservation of biodiversity and preventing the extinction of endangered animals. I anticipate understanding the affects involved in the increased interaction of humans and species and additionally research the effects of the rise in invasive species on the overall ecosystem. Additionally, by understanding the key elements involved in the designation of endangered species could open the doors to new research outcomes, such as preemptive techniques to withdraw species from endangerment.  Currently, I have focused on the development of conservation participation for businesses and hope to spread sustainability and environmental awareness throughout the workforce.

I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, but owe much of my marine passion to the frequent visits to the ocean growing up. With my name matching the little mermaid, I have felt destined to broaden my knowledge and career to the sea. My interest in conservation began at a young age when I attended several educational programs focusing on the preservation of the environment and the species within it. The pinnacle of my experiences included an internship position involving the enrichment, nutrition, and behavioral reinforcement of rescued wildlife at Keepers of the Wild in Kingman, Arizona. In addition, I have volunteered at Arizona Game and Fish as an animal caretaker and animal trainer using techniques such as operant conditioning. The 150+ exotic species furthered my passion and desire to continue my education at ASU, as I am currently studying Conservation Biology.

Olivia Zanzucchi

Undergraduate student Olivia ZanzucchiI am currently an undergraduate student with a major in Conservation Biology and Ecology with a minor in Anthropology. I am from Phoenix, Arizona, and am interested in marine conservation, even though I am completely surrounded by desert! I became interested in this by watching loads of Animal Planet and Discovery Channel when I was younger. I hope that after ASU I can study the effects that humans have on the different ecosystems around them (mainly marine ecosystems), and hopefully help influence different governmental policies involving the environment.

Patrick Serna

Undergraduate student Patrick SernaI completed my undergraduate degree in Conservation Biology and Ecology at Arizona State University and I’m currently exploring my options to further study population modeling. My interest is in the quantitative dynamics of species, particularly those of large carnivores.