Samantha Cheng

Assistant Research Professor Samantha ChengSamantha Cheng

Assistant Research Professor

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BA Scripps College, Claremont, CA
PhD University of California-Los Angeles



My research agenda revolves around understanding the process of using scientific evidence in conservation planning and decision-making. I take a multi-disciplinary approach to this broad question by systematically examining the role of evidence, methodology, interactions, and stakeholders to determine effective pathways from information to action to outcome. As part of this, I am specifically interested in the role that data science and technology can play in improving the use of evidence in conservation (for example, see ongoing initiatives: the Evidence for Nature and People Data Portal and Colandr). Topically, I am interested in understanding links between conservation and human well-being, particularly in marine ecosystems. I am also interested in understanding the role and contribution of molecular ecology studies and genetics data for informing marine conservation planning (e.g. seafood identification, fisheries stock delineation, population genetics).

Research Interests

  • Evidence synthesis for decision-making in conservation and environmental management
  • Role of data visualization and technology for finding and using evidence
  • Links between conservation actions and human well-being
  • Impact evaluation
  • Utilizing molecular ecology and genetics for marine management and biodiversity protection
  • Diversification processes in marine ecosystems

Curriculum Vitae